Morfae is the new internet source that defines the shape of things in architecture, design, art and fashion.


Morfae was born in April 2010. It aspires to be not just another design blog but to portray the entire spectrum of design from the designers’ point of view. Morfae takes a parallel approach to the different design disciplines, reflecting a belief that fashion, product, furniture and architectural design can share ideas. Allowing designers and unknown talents to publish their projects and describe them in their own words, Morfae provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Minimal aesthetics maximum usability.

Morfae breaks the boundaries of project presentation on the web using a simple, straight to the point interface, optimising usability and eliminating endless scrawling.

The projects are initially introduced on the front page through a single eye catching image as part of an ordered grid view. But the front page has many layers: The images fall in the background only to give out clues of the project’s nature. Each article is treated individually; custom layout is applied to literally discover the tangible qualities of the project presented.

Architecture, design, art and fashion can be isolated satisfying individual interests and viewed according to type, postage date etc.

Design Addicts of the world unite!

Morfae addresses all design addicts whether practising professionals or lifestyle orientated individuals.

Morfae focuses on keeping the design community busy and inspired. It is the online source of continuous information for a growing community of thousands of design addicts searching for the latest news.

About Errica Protestou and Panos Nikolaidis

Born in Cyprus, Errica Protestou lived and studied in London at the Architectural Association, School of Architecture. After her studies she published ‘Athens: A guide to recent architecture’. She moved to Greece in 1996. Born in Greece, Panos Nikolaidis studied Architecture at the NTUA, Athens. They founded their own practise in 2002 and in 2010. Besides lectures, their work has been published in Wallpaper, Ottagono and Clear magazine and was shown at various design shows and exhibitions.

If you’d like to contact Morfae with suggestions, comments, or product announcements, you can send us a message at the following link: (email)