December 19, 2013, 7:21 pm
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The house stands on a site facing a narrow, steep slope. Across the street is a wood, which promises a pleasant view with fresh greenery in summer and crimson foliage in autumn. The client’s request was a residential house containing a small gallery and office. The request suggested that the house must be open to the town community. My answer to the requirement was to build the house ‘afloat’. To be precise, the gallery is the only grounded room, which is surrounded by a breezy and sunny wood deck raised at about 1m. Round hollow on the deck floor accommodates a round bench, where people can sit and enjoy meals while watching over the wood view. The space may also serve as the external gallery. The wood deck, tilted towards the sloped road in front of the house, created a place where the internal and external areas of the house meet and interacts. The residential area and office can be approached via respective staircases. The internal space of the residential area consists of a dining kitchen on the right and facing the wood, and a floor on the left, surrounding the courtyard and spirally ascending. The dining kitchen has a wide counter table suitable for accommodating cooking classes the madam organizes, and the uneven floor provides various corners for different number of guests to sit down. In daily life, of course, the space serves as the family’s living room.

ARCHITECT: Kazuhiko Kishimoto / acaa, Japan
LOCATION: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
DESCRIPTION: Residence, Office, Small gallery
STATUS: completed
AREA: 158,39 sqm.
DATE: 2013
DESIGN: Kazuhiko Kishimoto / acaa
DRAWINGS / IMAGES: Kazuhiko Kishimoto / acaa
PHOTOES: Hiroshi Ueda, Ryogo Utatsu
TEXT: Kazuhiko Kishimoto / acaa
Beyond the Hill House by Kazuhiko Kishimoto
Beyond the Hill House by Kazuhiko Kishimoto in Kanagawa, Japan

An elevated – by a metre – wooden deck adopts the role of a public square underneath the raised house.

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