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On an area of 28,600sqm in Osnabrück’s city centre a 100m, tripartite building complex with a floor space of 9,800sqm will be realised by the end of 2011. The design unites the evident impact of a sculptural architectural object with the efficient functionality of commercial buildings.
Shape and colouring of the pearly-white ensemble of office and industrial buildings create an impression of playful lightness and dynamics. Asymmetrically curved ribbons on the facade which fluently merge all architectural elements with each other conceal the orthogonal grid of the concrete skeleton construction which lies behind them. These freely meandering shapes are composed of individually fabricated concrete elements, which make it possible to reduce construction related joints to a minimum.
The ceiling slabs of the southern administration wing, differently shaped and cantilevered on each floor, create an animated, horizontally staggered composition. The four-storey head building was positioned on the south-eastern corner of the plot as a prominent eye-catcher.
It is not only the visual, but also the functional centrepiece of the L-shaped complex. In addition to individual offices and conference rooms its space programme also includes the boardroom floor which is located in a penthouse mounted on the roof terrace.
The two-storey forum attached on the north side was conceived as a semi-public space. Located here are the visitor entrance of the company headquarters, accessible over a private driveway, the access to an atmospheric brand world with a product related exhibition, a cafeteria and several small lounges. A multimedia presentation relates interesting facts about coffee.
The forum as a central meeting point – as an architectural realisation of the common centre – fosters, in addition to the public image of the company, also its corporate culture and internal communication. Employees enter the forum at the vertex of the two wings, directly above the recreation terrace reserved for them, and from there continue to the various workplaces. Into the efficiently designed floor plans of administration, workshop and warehouse small recreation zones were incorporated as places of informal exchange. A functional room is available for in-house events and trainings.

ARCHITECT: 3deluxe transdisciplinary design, Wiesbaden, Germany, www.3deluxe.de. CLIENT: KaffeePartner. LOCATION: Osnabrück, Germany. DESCRIPTION: Office and industrial buildings. STATUS: On going. AREA: 9800 sqm. DATE: realised by the end of 2011.
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Kaffee Partner
Office and industrial buildings in Osnabrück, Germany by 3deluxe transdisciplinary design

The design unites the evident impact of a sculptural architectural object with the efficient functionality of commercial buildings.

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