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Danish Fashion Designer Ole Yde
The Copenhagen based brand YDE was first launched in 2005, at which time Ole Yde won the Illum Design Award for his innovative and sophisticated creations. His collections aim at reincarnating the classic feminine beauty using top quality workmanship and material. Ole Yde continues his dream of attempting to bring back the gentle, strong and above all elegant woman. It is the recognition of her qualities that YDE seeks to bring forth, along with his need to redefine her in a manner that agrees with modern ways of living.

We understand that Ole Yde’s work is focused on the expressive conveying of feelings and moods. How do feelings affect the way he designs?

Designing has been a life long dream of Ole’s, his creations come from a very personal place. He started his career because of his passion and this is reflected in his creations.

The collection YDE comprises elements of tradition, fairy tales and femininity. We are very interested in the fairy tale aspect, maybe a few words on Danish / Scandinavian fairy tales that inspired him the most?

It’s not so much about specific fairy tales but more so about conveying a dream or a fantasy.

Yde’s collaborated with the silver department at the Georg Jensen store when he first moved to Copenhagen. How did this collaboration influence his design?

Georg Jensen silver is as relevant today as it was when it first became known as the one of the worlds finest and that’s because of the integrity, originality and high quality of its products. This has been an inspiration for Ole.

What people or places provide Ole Yde with inspiration? Are these portrayed in any manner in his shop interiors as well?

Some of Ole’s biggest inspirations come from 18th century French art, literature and personalities such as Marie Antoinette whose image covers a whole wall in the YDE boutique in Copenhagen.

How did winning the ‘Illum Design Award’ upon Ole Yde’s career launch affect him?

It made some people in the industry take even more notice of Ole. It was a very small step but a step in the right direction.

Ole Yde once stated: “The goal is not to make a nostalgic copy of the past, but to have the light of the past shine upon both the present and the future” How does Ole Yde balance history and innovation?

YDE makes season less creation. The label stands for style rather than trend. Some of the inspiration may come from the past but it’s definitely for the modern, romantic and stylish woman.

What does sticking to a more basic colour palette, with variations on Black and white, mean for Ole Yde?

Some of Ole’s creations are very intricate and they are best displayed in black and white, this also has to do with the Danish minimalist and clean sense of aesthetics.

What is Ole Yde’s latest collection concept?

He was inspired by film noir, Marlene Dietrich, divas, spies and private eyes. (FW10)

Does Ole Yde consider fashion design an artistic expression or a stylish commodity?

It is definitely an artistic expression of Ole’s world and his interests.


Designer: Ole Yde, Copenhagen, Denmark, www.yde-copenhagen.com
Images from Autumn / Winter 2010-11 Collection

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Source: Marlo Saalmink, www.marlosaalmink.com

Ole Yde
Ole Yde
Ole Yde
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Morfae interviews Danish Fashion Designer Ole Yde

Ole Yde’s collections aim at reincarnating the classic feminine beauty using top quality workmanship and material.

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